Apps and Digital Editions

To compliment your print the Pensord Group also gives you access to a world of magazine app publishing too. Available for the main mobile operating systems and as a desktop page turner and the fabulous NEW FreeFlow with Pensord Group digital edition distributing your content digitally can broaden reach and readership which can in turn increase advertising and sponsorship opportunities. ‘appy days!

New FreeFlow with Pensord Group

No looking back for mobile magazines….

FreeFlow technology provides your audiences with what they really want from a want from a digital magazine

Responsive mobile content direct from your print PDFS
The software takes your PDF files and translates them into freely scrolling text and images – a native mobile experience that brings your content to life on the small screen

Auto Translation
Instant translation of text into any currently available language. Free your content, instantly!

Accessible content
Audio reader and font size adjustment at the click of a button.

Plus comprehensive analytics to help you identify trends in your readers habits allows you to hone your content and target your audience ever more accurately.

We could go on about it for ages but the DEMO paints the picture far more vividly. Note: FreeFlow tools are part of the mobile experience so are best viewed on a phone or tablet)

Or we’d love to go over the details with you in person on 01495 223721.

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