File Supply & Proofing

As you’d expect we have state of the art technology which allows our clients to upload page files (PDF’s) and to proof online, replace, re-proof and approve.

We provide all training and guidance in the use of this system, called XMF, and provides our clients with the flexibility to upload and approve at their convenience without human intervention our end.

Of course, online proofing is great for content checking and this is all that most of our clients need, leaving the colour reproduction to us, however many of our clients have a need and desire to receive colour accurate hardcopy proofs.  If this is the case then simply request colour accurate proofs from your account manager or sales contact.

Online proofing and approval is free, quick and time efficient however colour accurate proofs incur an additional cost to produce and also the schedule stops whilst proofs are delivered, approved and returned – because if you’re approving something for colour we will need them back to make sure we match it!

See our detailed guide to using XMF here

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