Native mobile content in any language direct from your print PDFs
No additional work, no fuss, endless new opportunities…

FreeFlow provides your audiences with what they really want from a want from a digital magazine with features that can bring your content to a whole new audience.

Our very clever tech people (over many months and fuelled by many pizzas) have created a software solution that takes your print ready PDF and reformats them automatically for the perfect mobile experience – scrolling content that is easy to read and accessible.

While that is a game change itself FreeFlow with Pensord Group also enables some amazing functionality that opens up (I’m going say ‘literally’ here – and you’ll see why in the next paragraphs) a whole new world of opportunities

Auto Translation
Our FreeFlow technology not only converts your publication’s PDF files into free flowing text and images, it can also instantly translate that text into any currently available (and we currently have a lot) language. Imagine how that can extend your reach by opening up your content to a whole new audience, instantly!

Accessible content
To further aid accessibility FreeFlow content can be read audibly by your device and the font size can be increased or decreased at the click of a button for easier reading.

All of this and comprehensive analytics to help you identify trends in your readers habits allows you to hone your content and target your audience ever more accurately.

It’s a major breakthrough and by subscribing with Pensord Group you will receive preferential rates for products that will help turbo charge your business.

Get your synapses cracking with a look at the demo here (Note: Freeflow tools are part of the mobile experience so are best viewed on a phone or tablet) or talk through this amazing product with a human instead on 01495 223721.

Freeflow is part of the pioneering Magstand suite of tools that offers your business everything you need grow your readership, influence and revenue in today’s complex digital publishing world. With Freeflow and Magstand’s other services publishers can speed up delivery, streamline their workflow, mange subscriptions, increase readability and cut costs all for one low monthly price. The Pensord Group have partnered with Magstand for over 10 years to bring its customers technology that helps maximise profits with the minimum of work and investment.

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