On The Road Ahead…

As we begin to see an easing of covid restrictions it brings with it a return to freedom for us all personally and the green shoots of an upturn in trading and the general economy.  And so it feels appropriate to update on the changes that have taken place over the last few months.

Firstly, it feels important to state that the group is on a firm financial footing. Early on the group secured financial support from it’s bankers to cover ‘worst case scenario’ and we have worked hard and done well to trade ahead of that eventuality and support ourselves with minimal external support being called upon.

During the early onset of the pandemic, we saw a drop in workloads of up to 80% across group and we had to respond quickly and effectively.

Like most companies we had many options. To batten down the hatches was a must. We then decided not to just watch it blow over or stick our head in the sand we made short-, medium- and longer-term predictions and we planned for change.  We re-structured to ensure we were fitter, leaner and ready for the ‘new normal’ and in doing so looked to maximise efficiency and make changes to improve communications and process.

We made brave decisions to use the time we had to relocate plant, invest in new plant, undertake important maintenance and increase levels of training to upskill in most areas.

A relocation of manufacturing for our book work has meant a reduction in duplicated roles and an increase in capacity and skills.  Old presses have been sold and replaced with a new 8 colour KBA 10 colour B1 press and a new Xerox Iredesse digital print engine.

Sadly, over this time some of our long-term staff have departed.  We will never forget the part that those employees played in our journey over the years, and we wish them well in the future.

Covid has brought many sleepless nights and many challenges but we have looked to turn those challenges into opportunities, and you can always catch up on sleep! Our foresight and determination to emerge from covid leaner and fighting fit has meant we do just that.

The road ahead is still likely to be a little bumpy and if we  continue that analogy, we travel along it in a vehicle well serviced and maintained, with new parts and better fuel economy and we hope that will give confidence to our clients and prospects that your onward journey will be safe, comfortable and trouble free with the Pensord Group.

To learn more or speak to us about working together contact us on 01495 223721 or email sales@pensordgroup.co.uk

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